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How a dental practice made it easy to find them using retargeting traffic. Learn how it works

The internet can be great fun. There can’t be anyone who hasn’t gone online and found themselves, hours later, wondering what it was they wanted to look up. Whether they ended up falling down a Wikipedia rabbit-hole, watched endless YouTube videos, or just spent their time flicking through cat photos, it’s easy to get distracted. But for businesses that are hoping for new customers, that’s the worst thing that can happen. And that’s where retargeting traffic can help.

For one dental practice, this was a real issue. They could see from their analytics that people were seeing their ads and visiting their site, but the numbers weren’t converting into new patients. The problem was simple. When you’ve something as fun as the internet, it’s very easy to be distracted when you’re looking at something that might be important, but is less fun, like a dentist!

How traditional advertising was letting them down

Traditional advertising can be remarkably sophisticated. Google Ads, for example, could be highly targeted. An ad could be set to display only at specific times, to people in specific areas, and only on specific devices. The algorithms could also use some of Google’s data to target demographic features.

And it’s easy to see how a dentist might use that. For example, targeting women in their late-twenties or early thirties using mobile devices around three o’clock might get all those parents at the school gate who are considering getting their children’s teeth checked.

But that type of targeting isn’t always useful. There’s no point showing dentist ads to parents if they all have a dentist already. Or if they are more likely to ask one of the friends they are waiting with for a recommendation.

How retargeting traffic solves the problem

The solution is surprisingly simple. Simply those target those people who want or need a dentist! It sounds as if it’s one of those things that are easier said than done. But along with all the other ways to target ads, retargeting traffic focuses on people that have already visited a site.

In short, it brings back all those people who browsed a site, but didn’t take any action. Whether that was because they were distracted by those cat photos, or because they weren’t ready to make a decision, retargeting helps by reminding them.

The dentist recognised that people were visiting their site but not making an enquiry. Therefore, rather than targeting ads at people and hoping they needed a dentist, they targeted ads at people who had already been looking.

The ads helped remind people they have been looking at the dentist and brought them back to the practice’s site. There, they could funnel people to act, providing details for the practice to capture and follow-up. The success of their advertising was suddenly transformed, and rather than serving thousands of ads and only generating a few patients, they found fewer ads generated more new patients than they could cope with!

Retargeting can work for any business, not just dentists. People will look at a site and not take action for many reasons. The gentle reminder of a retargeted ad can be all it takes to bring them back.

If you want to find out how retargeting traffic can help your business, then email or phone us today to find out how we can transform your advertising’s effectiveness.



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