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Get targeted traffic

It’s hard to succeed in today’s market. Standing out against competitors is difficult enough, but you also have to retain your customers’ attention. If you don’t, there’s a big risk that you might do all the hard work of interesting people in your products or services, but then another business gets the sale. Targeting and retargeting traffic helps prevent that, increasing visits to your website and, most importantly, bringing back those people who are ready to make a purchase.

The online challenge 

Imagine you wanted to buy something simple, like a pen, from your local high street. You might look in the stationers, weigh up the options, and decide to buy later when you are on your way back. But then you see pens in the gift shop, and the bookshop, or the post office, or any number of other shops you visit. More than likely you’ll buy the pen somewhere else and forget about that first shop you visited.

Now imagine that online. But now the problem is not a high street full of shops, it’s the whole internet, with competitors that can be literally anywhere in the world. And even if the customer wasn’t planning to look elsewhere, any number of distractions could prevent a sale: a phone call from a colleague, children demanding attention, or just the end of a journey putting a stop to mobile browsing.

But retargeting can help to bring that customer back.

How retargeting boosts your business 

The statistics are shocking. More than 96% of customers will leave a site without making a purchase or even leaving details. Whether they are just browsing or actively researching, although you have done the work of attracting them the first time, there’s no guarantee they will return when they are ready to buy. 

Retargeting helps to bring them back.

Most people are familiar with targeting online adverts. Targeting can be incredibly sophisticated, helping to put your ads in front of your market, which you can define by factors like search terms, interests, geography, or demographics. Retargeting adds another layer, focusing on those people who have already shown an interest in your product, and reminding them when they are ready to buy.

How our retargeting offer can help you 

Imagine if, when you were looking for those pens, every shop had an advert for the stationers, reminding them of their great prices, excellent service, or the fact they were the specialists with the widest range. Retargeting works in the same way.

When people are ready to make a purchase, retargeted advertising will remind them of your site, bringing them back. Retargeting will increase your conversions many times over but, surprisingly, fewer than one in eight businesses use retargeting to encourage customers back. That means you aren’t just increasing sales, but you are giving your business a competitive edge.

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses boost their sales with retargeting, so know how effective it is, and how we can help your business too. If you think retargeting might increase your traffic, and income, then call or email us for a no-obligation chat.

And we’re are so confident in our retargeting service that, until 1 August 2022., we are offering 30 days retargeting free. That means, at no risk to you, we will set up retargeting, so you can see the impact for yourself. This offer is worth up to £670 and can make far more difference to your online takings than that, but is a strictly limited offer, so call our experts to find out how you can benefit from a summer sales boom with retargeting.

Contact us directly & arrange 30min free consultation.



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