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How re-targeting helps you beat your competition to new customers

The internet is an enormous place, and it is only getting bigger. When you are a business trying to stand out, it can be hard. Your compete1 for attention not just with your direct competitors, but with every distraction imaginable, from social media to playlists of cat videos. And that’s before you even think about the real-world distractions.

So, in an internet full of people trying to get your customers’ attention, how can you stand out?

The old methods of attracting attention

Perhaps the earliest way of attracting attention was to try to grab it through search engines. This can be effective. Essentially, you attempt to ensure that, when people are searching for relevant items, they find your site. And this will go a long way to increasing traffic to your site. However, often, people have naturally optimised their site, simply because it will detail the products or services that you offer, and that people search for.

The other old way of getting people to your site is advertising. Advertising has become the Internet’s biggest business, and there are plenty of big corporations that depend on it, either because they manage advertising or run sites that can sell advertising space. And it’s undeniable that advertising can have some effect. The amount of data collected on internet users, even if they don’t realise it, means that ads can be highly targeted.

However, while both these methods are better than nothing, the conversion rate for both is incredibly low. In advertising, for example, the traditional pay-per-click model frequently measures success in fractions of a percent: in other words, you might be paying for hundreds of clicks to your website before anyone buys anything from you.

But there is a way to improve the odds massively in your favour.

How retargeting supercharges your online presence

Retargeted is advertising with a little extra.

The problem with typical internet adverts is that low conversion rate. Even when people click though, only a few of them will buy. There are a variety of reasons behind this, often they are not ready to buy, perhaps they were researching, or they got disturbed, or simply wanted some time to think about it.

Our retargeting method ensures that you don’t lose those customers. By targeting advertising not just at a demographic, but at people who have already shown an interest and visited your site, your adverts will be aimed at a warm audience. 

They have already considered your product. Frequently, it might mean that your retargeted ad reminds them of their intention or reminds them of you when they are read to buy. 

Our clients have found that when we’ve implemented re-targeting for them, their sales see a dramatic increase because instead of losing dozens, or even hundreds, of sales, they are now converting them.

And one of the reasons that re-targeting is so effective, is because very few businesses use it. More than nine-in-ten businesses rely on search engine traffic or traditional advertising. It means that for the fewer than one-in-ten that do use retargeting, they have an enormous competitive advantage.

If you feel your internet advertising could be more effective or are even wondering how to start filling your order book from your website’s traffic, then get in touch with us today. We are always happy to receive a call or email to talk about how our services can transform your business, just like they already have for hundreds of others in the area.



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