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How social media can drive engagement and growth for your business

If you have ever attempted to grow your online traffic, you will know that it can be bewildering. The mix of jargon, metrics, and ever-changing advice can make it a time-consuming pursuit that detracts from running a business. And, increasingly, it’s not just about growing your organic search engine traffic, but your social media engagement too. Indeed, some experts predict that search engine traffic will, soon, be the biggest driver of web traffic.

But whatever happens, the simple fact is that social media plays a big role in business. Including social media in your business strategy can have an enormous effect, engaging your customers, finding new ones, and generating more sales than you thought possible.

Why social media plays such a big role

The figures about social media speak for themselves. Almost everyone who is on the Internet is on social media, recent estimates suggest that nine out of ten internet users also use social media, and the average user spends over an hour a day across various sites. And when there are over five billion internet users across the world, the maths is simple. Social media is a massive audience.

And while it’s possible to spend money on social media, for example through ad purchases or subscriptions, it’s equally possible to access that massive audience with free accounts. But that does not mean they are entirely without cost. The reason many businesses do not harness the power of social media is because of those other costs. Learning how to use them effectively, then developing and implementing a social media strategy, all takes precious time that most business owners feel they cannot afford.

How social media can transform your business

As brutal as it might seem, the problem that most businesses face is that people don’t know about them. Even when they are in plain sight, people might just walk past and because they have never been inside, never consider using them, even if they are looking for exactly the products or services they provide.

Social media addresses that. But it’s not just about having a big platform, after all, people can easily ignore a social media post. Instead, it’s about using that platform to turn your fans into a sales team! By engaging with your existing customers, giving them great content, and making it easy for them to share, you are helping to amplify your marketing through their word-of-mouth.

And the effect of this can be significant, rippling through groups of friends and extending beyond them. It helps to build your brand, and keeps your name in people’s minds, so even if they aren’t buying now, they think of you when they are ready to buy.

Social media can generate traffic for your site, and customers through your door, that you can convert into sales.

How to make social media easy

But it all comes back to time. Mastering social media is not easy. Which platform do you use? What type of content do you create? How do you use it to maximise its impact?

The good news is that social media teams are not just for big businesses. We have been helping local businesses review, or even create, their social media strategies, finding opportunities, and creating content that converts social media users into new customers. We take away all the hard work of social media, so you can just enjoy the results.

If you want to see your traffic and business transformed by social media, then just get in touch with us today, and we can offer you a no-obligation chat about our offer and show you how social media can be the best investment you make in your business.



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