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How to engage your potential clients in a pandemic world

It’s not hard to see how the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world. Even when we think something like normality is returning, it’s always at risk from a new variant. We’ve had to change a lot about our lives, and how we approach social media content is part of that.

Why does social media content need to change? 

The odd thing is that most people are not less social because of the pandemic. In fact, many people are more social than they were previously. Having to engage with friends online during lockdowns and, in many cases, having to find substitutes for work meetings and social events afterwards, people have taken to social networks to keep in touch. In some cases, this has also meant reaching out to people they hadn’t seen in real life for years before the pandemic.

This new reality means that people have changed the way they engage with social media. And you need to change the way you engage with your potential clients online too. What worked when people were dipping into Twitter while waiting in queues, or only checking their family on Facebook in the evening, have gone.

Making your approved social media strategy relevant 

Just because your pre-pandemic strategy was successful, it does not mean that it will still work in the pandemic.

And there are all sorts of things you might need to change. Content that shows people close together can look odd, when we are told to social distance, and casual requests for people to pop into your shop or venue may look dated when people are increasingly used to having to book or make appointments.

But you also need to think about how people engage with social media content now. For example, because Covid-19 still affects retail, retaining old calls for people to visit or redeem vouchers in store are no longer as effective. Using online offers is more likely to attract attention and engage your potential clients.

Likewise, your existing customers are less likely to make face-to-face recommendations, simply because they are probably seeing people face-to-face less. Instead, making content that people are likely to share, or even making it easy for them to share it with their friends online, is more likely to result in increased trade.

How we can help 

We have been helping our clients with their social media strategies since before the pandemic, and have learned with them what works, and what does not, in the new normal. 

Just because the way that people use shops, venues, and services has changed, it does not mean that they use them less. In fact, because of the challenges, it’s more important than ever to reach them where they are: online.

We have proven techniques that create compelling social media content that will remind your existing customers to come back, encourage them to share your content with their friends, and win you new customers. 

A pandemic doesn’t have to be bad news for businesses if they can adapt and keep customers aware of them.

Just get in touch with us, and we can talk about how we can help you design and implement an approved social media strategy that will make sure your existing customers come back, and new customers find you, whatever the new normal looks like.



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