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How you can use retargeting to get more customers  

Once upon a time, you could take a ‘build it, and they will come’ approach to the internet. The internet was sparsely populated, and those who were online could be attracted to the novelty. A local business with a website would get more customers just because it was a rarity.

Those days, however, are long gone. With millions of websites online, businesses of any size are expected to have a website with, it seems, every function imaginable. But in such a crowded market, how can you make sure that customers come back to your website when they are ready to buy?

You can pay for a banner ad, and hope that people see it at the right time. But if you really want to make sure that your website and advertising work for you, then you need to use retargeting.

Why you don’t get more customers

The key problem is that people usually browse without buying. Browsing habits suggest that, even on the best designed websites, only about 4% of people take any action. Whether it’s because they aren’t ready to buy when they looked or got distracted, it means that 96% of your potential customers are lost.

And it’s easy to see why this happens. How many times have you visited an interesting website when you can’t do anything with it? Perhaps you found it when you were filling some free time, and although you planned to go back later, you never quite made it. Or even when you thought you had time, then something interrupted you, a phone call, or demanding kids, stopping you from doing what you planned.

Of course, you can try to win some of them back with traditional advertising. 

Modern internet advertising can be fairly accurately targeted, using information like geography or search history. 

But while your banner ad might be reaching the right demographic, it won’t help you get more customers because the real demographic you need to target are people who want to buy from you.

And this is where retargeting can help.

How retargeting solves the problem of lost customers

The problem is fairly simple, people have visited your website, but left before they took any action. Whether that was buying from you, or just signing up for a mailing list. And without your website in front of them, they no longer have the prompt to complete that action.

The solution is also simple, you need to get them back to your site. The difficulty is grabbing their attention again. Retargeting does just that.

Alongside the other targeting that internet advertising offers, it can add retargeting. Essentially, you can set your banner ad to display to people who have already visited your site. The retargeted ad can be used as a simple reminder, or even as an incentive, perhaps offering a discount, to entice people back to your site.

Why retargeting is so effective

The real strength of retargeting is that it’s simply advertising to people who are already interested. 

While other types of adverts are seen by people who may never have heard of your business, or have no interest in buying your service or product, the retargeted ad is aimed at people who are already aware and interested.

For many, just the reminder of your business might be enough to get a sale, for others, the prompt might start a series of return visits. Either way, it’s an effective way of getting more customers by simply advertising to people who are ready to buy.

Retargeting is the most effective way of advertising, so if you are interested in finding out how it can help your business get more customers then call or email us, and we can show you why we were the local leaders in online advertising.



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