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Navigating the Negative

Did you know: 57% of Brits believe brands have gotten worse when dealing with negative reviews?

With brand loyalty falling and customer sentiment heavily decreasing. In our latest study, we help you unlock the power of customer feedback so you can turn detractors into advocates.

Learn Now How You Can Steal Customers From Your Competition! 

With An Online Reputation No-one Can Beat Nine out of ten people use online reviews before they make a purchasing decision, even for small purchases. When you have a great reputation, it gives customers the excuse they need to buy from you. We’ll help you get more positive reviews — and manage any bad ones you get — allowing you to market your five-star reputation. Customers will flock to your door to see what they are missing.

A five-star brand helps maintain and create business maintain and create business 

It’s estimated that around 90% of people will research a purchase online first. 

That means they will base their decision on the experiences that other people have shared. 

It’s not hard to see the difference that a four-star review would make compared to a five-star business. 

Ensuring you have a top-rated business helps fend off competition, no-one wants to change for a worse service. 

And some businesses even manage without any marketing or advertising budget! In some areas like hospitality, they know that so many people research reviews, that they can sell out purely to people who want to see what everyone else is raving about.



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