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Social media is a window to your business

Social media’s success is largely because it takes real life and amplifies some aspects of it. Chatting with friends can become chatting with the world on Twitter. Supporting a team or organisation becomes following their Facebook page. Sharing holiday snaps with work colleagues is posting on Insta. 

But you can also think about physical parallels, and then social media becomes the windows of your business.

The importance of windows

Windows are ubiquitous and, except for things like the ornate stained-glass on churches, tend not to draw attention to themselves, after all, you are meant to see through them.

But windows will have a considerable impact on how you relate to businesses. Think about shops, for example, which will tend to have large front windows for displays. These might feature promotions or products to entire you in, or they might offer transparency of what happens in there, for example a butcher or baker where you can see things being prepared. Each can help to draw customers in.

But then think about buildings that don’t have that transparency. Anyone who has been looking for a pub to visit will know how a pub that you can’t see in immediately feels less welcoming, just because you can’t see what’s on the other side of the frosted glass.

How social media acts as your window

Social media can be a worldwide window on your business, and, just like a real window, it can act both ways.

Social media let’s people see in

Perhaps the most obvious way you can use social media is to let people see and find out more about your business. Like the shop displaying products, or showing people at work, you can use social media as your showcase, promoting offers, or sharing stories about what you do.

And, like a window, you can make it easy for people to come through your front door. Adding links to online shops or contact forms means that once you have enticed customers with your offer, it’s easy for them to buy.

Social media also lets people see out

Of course, often the benefit of those windows is that the people in your shop act as advertising for you. When you go past a pub or restaurant and see people like you enjoying themselves, you want to join them. Social media does the same.

By making it easy for people to share things about you, whether it’s one of your posts, or content from your site, or even just sharing pictures of themselves and tagging your business, they can promote your business to the rest of the world.

The benefits of your social media window

When you use social media as your businesses window, the benefits begin to accrue almost immediately. Even just replicating your actual window will reap rewards. But the real beauty of social media is that you don’t have the same physical constraints as a real window.

You can use social media to present products, but you can also use it to share your personality, or actively reach out to customers and engage with them, in a way that simply isn’t possible with a typical window.

But what if you aren’t a social media expert? Well, just like the way you might use a professional glazier or window cleaner, we can offer you our social media services. We can work with you to develop a plan that showcases your business and brings in new customers, making sure your window on the world is as prominent as it can be. Just call or email us to find out how we can help you with your social media window.



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