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The reputation sidekick every hero needs

Every story needs a hero. And the hero of ours could have come straight from central casting. On the outside, they seem like a mild-mannered accountant. But actually, they were their clients’ defenders. Wielding their spreadsheets, they would defeat fiendishly complex tax rules, navigate hidden loopholes, and conquer the tightest of deadlines.

Their work was one of constant toil, so their clients could rest easy. And, because of that, it was perhaps no surprise that they had a great business reputation. What was a surprise, was that it was their business reputation that was their undoing.

How reviews defeated our hero

All heroes have a weak spot, and for our hero it was reviews. They had a good reputation, but you might struggle to spot it. They knew that the better their reputation, the more people they could help. But when it came to reviews, they were overwhelmed.

After a busy day battling accounts, they simply couldn’t continue battling reviews. They were all over. Scattered across multiple platforms, they would pore over them, trying to work out how to get all the reviews in line. And when a negative review came along (sometimes, people couldn’t be helped, and wouldn’t accept it) it started to dominate, popping up in searches and dragging the hero down.

For all their powers, they were overwhelmed

The reputation revelation

Our hero was discovering that they couldn’t work alone. Everyone needs a partner, companion or sidekick, someone who could watch their back while they did their work. And so it was for our accountant. They couldn’t help people if they were too busy trying to save their own reputation.

And that’s where we came in. We know that having a great business reputation is not enough. You can’t just rely on getting good reviews, you must manage those reviews.

There was a lot of work for our team to do. But, just like our hero, we went straight to work. Using our skills and knowledge, we took the fight to the reviews. We took all the reviews, and review sites, pulling them into line and under control, putting a system in place, so they became manageable.

Now, our hero can deal with all the reviews appropriately. Negative reviews get appropriate responses. Positive reviews are highlighted, our hero — previously modest about their powers — now highlights some of the most positive feedback on their website, inspiring even more confidence in their powers.

And the results were profound. In the space of just 12 weeks, the company’s trust rating increased by 98%. Anyone researching them now would be in absolutely no doubt, they really are a hero.

A master of accounting and reviews

Our hero can now fight for their clients, safe in the knowledge that we are fighting for their reputation. And everyone wins: our company is happy they have a great reputation, their clients are happy because they have found them, and we, of course, are happy because we’ve helped someone else with their business reputation.

We have been helping heroes of all types slay their review demons. And want to help even more. If you have been putting off dealing with your reputation, or even wondering if you need to pay attention to reviews, we can help. Whether it’s how to manage review sites, how to respond appropriately, or how to turn that bad review into ten positive ones, we have the skills and experience to help.

Get in touch with us today, so you can be the hero of our next story.



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