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The Top 3 Reasons People Don't Buy From You

The pandemic had a devastating effect on many businesses, and one of our clients, an inflatable hire company, found themselves in serious difficulty. Unable to trade during lockdowns, they could, at least, take advantage of government support. However, during non-lockdown periods, they found themselves still struggling. 

Like many, they turned to advertising, hoping to get more customers. But their pay-per-click advertising did not work for them. Not only were they not retargeting to capture customers, but when people visited their site, they rarely placed an order.

How we helped 

We worked with the company to ensure that they weren’t just advertising their services, they were marketing them too. 

We all know what inflatable hire involves, but probably don’t think too much about the differences between providers. And that’s why reputation is crucial. We worked with the business to identify how they could develop their reputation, and then how to make it work for them.

Building a five-star reputation 

One of the first things we did was help them with their reputation management. Although customers said good things about them, those good words were often lost. A thank-you email was only read by a few people in the company, and reviews were scattered across sites, meaning that anyone visiting had no idea what other people thought of the company. 

By encouraging and channelling reviews, we were able to build their reputation, so people searching review sites would see positive feedback on them. And they could use their reviews to include on their website. We even encouraged their staff to leave reviews about working there! While this might seem odd, many people will make purchasing decisions based on their values. Knowing that the company was a good employer all added to the positive reputation it could now promote. 

Engaging with customer reviews 

We also advised the company to start engaging with reviews. Whatever they buy, people expect a service that continues beyond a simple transaction. Acknowledging a positive review is not just a courtesy, it sends a powerful signal to potential customers about the importance you place on them and their satisfaction. 

And even when those reviews are negative, constructive engagement can help turn them around, showing your commitment to great service. People know that nothing is perfect and will reward those who accept that and work to make things better.

Building a strong social media presence 

The inflatable market relies a lot on word-of-mouth. Parents finding out about companies from other parties or event organisers comparing notes. But social media is the most effective way to generate word-of-mouth. It has an enormous audience, potentially worldwide, and is designed to be shared. It means that good content can be incredible, free, advertising.

We helped the business work their social media effectively, creating great content, promoting their reputation, and helping them find more potential customers than they ever thought possible.

A perfect pandemic recovery 

Many businesses are still struggling after the pandemic. Habits were changed, and for some it may never be the same as it was before. However, for our client, the problems now are very different. Instead of wondering how they would survive, as they were before, they are now wondering how they can expand quickly enough to keep up with demand, having grown 100x since the pandemic. 

We know every business, and the challenges they face are different, but if you need help transforming visitors into customers, to getting your business to the next level of success, then call or email us today to find out how our reputation and marketing services can help you on your way to success. 



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