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Why investing in your team can be the best investment in your business

As a business owner, you probably obsess about the service you offer your customers. But do you also obsess about the service you offer your team?

Obviously, as a business, you will care about your team, no-one wants to be seen as a bad employer. But have you thought about how your team affects your reputation? And how investing in your team, rather than just your business, can have considerable benefits?

How does a happy team create a great business

You will care deeply about your reputation and may go to great lengths to ensure it’s positive, even directing staff on how to manage interactions or using online reputation services. But by ensuring your team feel happy and motivated, you can create a solid foundation for your five-star brand.

A happy team are better service providers

One of the obvious reasons is that if people are happy in their work, they are more likely to provide a better service. Studies have shown that motivation, surprisingly, is related far more closely to employment conditions than it is to things like pay. One of the key factors is training, so staff feel able to do their job, but the other key drivers are a sense they are trusted and allowed to do their job without micromanagement, and how well they get on with managers and colleagues. It seems that, whatever the taxman thinks, treating staff to food and drinks is a business investment!

A good team is more productive

Your reputation will be largely defined by your interactions with customers, and while you can use online reputation services to try to improve it, you need to have a good service as that foundation.

Researchers have found that when staff are happy and motivated, teams are more productive, working harder and more likely to go the extra mile. When it comes to dealing with customers, that might be the difference between a cursory service, and an interaction that prompts a glowing review to add to your five-star brand.

A good team promotes your five-star brand

Of course, your reputation is largely defined by your customers, but have you thought about what your staff do? When people hear someone talking negatively about a workplace, they form opinions about that company. But if you have a team that are positive about their jobs and their employers, it creates positive feelings about a business, even though being an employee and a customer are entirely different things.

Because your staff will all be local, they can be incredibly effective promoters for your business. But they will not do it just because they have a job, they will only do it if they are happy and proud of the job they have.

A great team means a great business

Investing in your team is a no-brainer. It means that your business is more productive and your customers are happier, and, together, that means your profits will go up. By creating employees that talk positively about your business, and are always offering their best at work, you can expect to see an improvement to your reputation.

And if you need help managing that reputation, then get in touch. Our online reputation services can help ensure that you transfer all the work your team is doing into a five-star brand and protect it. And when everything people seen and hear, online or offline, is positive, you will see your business take off. Just call or email us to find out what we can do to promote your reputation.



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