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Why video marketing will outlast internet fads

The internet is full of fads. You don’t need to have been active on there for long to be able to remember sites that have come and gone. And even the giants may not be secure. People may think the big names like Facebook or Google will always dominate the web, but people said the same about companies like IBM, Microsoft, and, in the earlier days of the internet, Yahoo. While they all remain, they are shadows of their former selves.

But video marketing is likely to be here to stay. Because it isn’t reliant on a single platform, you can use a video almost anywhere. And the nature of the medium, combined with current technology, means that anyone with a phone, tablet, or computer can use it. People might not have a clue what web3 is, or struggle to understand the point of NFTs, but they understand video.

Powerful reasons you need to use video marketing

Video is something that is understood by everyone. Even the oldest in our society were born in an age in which video — or at least movies — were an integral part of their lives. And we are rapidly approaching a time when everyone was born into houses with a television set in the corner of the living room.

And while technology has advanced — they can now watch videos on a phone in their pocket, with the sound played into wireless headphones — the core experience remains the same.

Video is incredibly immersive. People are used, and even want, to engage with it and be absorbed by it. When people watch a video, they tend to block out other stimuli, they focus on the message they are watching. And when you can find video marketing to suit all budgets, there’s no reason why you can’t take advantage of that.

What does good video marketing look like?

It’s important to realise there are two components to great video marketing: the message and the medium. If you can provide a compelling message or feature for your video, then you have already done the hardest part.

However, it’s critical to ensure that message is not lost to a low-quality video. The most powerful reason you need to use video marketing, its immersive quality, won’t be there if your production quality is low.

Simple things like poor quality sound, which people can’t hear, or bad lighting, leaving a murky image, will put people off. It’s hard to be engaged in a video if you struggle to understand what is going on.

But videos don’t need to be expensive Hollywood-style productions, either. Investing a little to get a high-quality video will quickly repay itself. And with video marketing prices to suit all budgets, there’s no reason why you can’t have a video made with professional equipment, production, and editing standards that will wow your clients and potential customers.

And once you have your video, you can use it anywhere, on your website, a social media platform or in email links, the choice will be yours.

If you are looking for high-quality video for your business, then call or email us today, and we can show you how affordable high-quality video marketing can be.



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